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2017 Survey

Membership Survey

NARFE CHAPTER 65 MEMBERSHIP SURVEY: The Executive Board meeting recently discussed how to keep Chapter 65 relevant and active. In particular, how can we get a dedicated group of chapter members (30 -40) to systematically, collectively, and quickly respond to legislative issues as soon as national alerts us? In addition, what program should we prepare for our members in 2018?

You can help by responding to the following survey by JANUARY 10, 2018, either by email (, by phone (415-334-6380), or by mail (Martha Raup, 179 Chilton Ave, San Francisco CA 94131). Thank you!!

1. What are the two most important benefits of your Chapter 65 membership?

2. How can we respond more effectively to legislation affecting us?

3. What organizations, topics or trips would you like to have highlighted at the general membership meetings in 2018?

4. Are you a member of a group or do you know someone who could make a presentation at a meeting?

If you prefer you can PRINT a pdf copy of the survey and mail it by November 10 to have your voice heard.

thank you for your participation.


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