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2016 Survey

2016-11-10 ByLaws Survey

The ByLaws Committee consolidated past versions of the NARFE Chapter 65 ByLaws, Consitution, and Standing Rules to make it current, concise, and flexible for future changes. The Committee consisted of Helen Rogers, Roz Itelson, and Jerry Hall. The Committee met over a period of 6 months, and the Executive Board discussed the proposed revisions during three different meetings. The October 10, 2016 Revision was presented to the October Chapter meeting and announced in the October newsletter. Further revision produed the 2016-11-10 Proposed ByLaws, which will be presented to the November 16 Executive Board and Chapter meetings. It is also available for your review online:

We ask our members to study this document, and complete this survey:

Print this pdf copy of the survey and respond by December 10 to have your voice heard:


send your survey response by December 10 to Martha Raup via email (, by mail (179 Chilton Ave, San Francisco CA 94131) or by phone (415-334-6380).


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