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EXECUTIVE BOARD REPORT: Last year we conducted a survey to ask our members if a monthly newsletter was still important to them. The majority said "Yes", and a strong minority said they do not have or want to use digital access for a Chapter newsletter. The estimated monthly cost to produce and mail newsletters to our members is almost $400. With current membership of 545, and yearly Chapter dues of $8, of which $1 goes back to the State as per capita dues, we have a monthly shortfall of $82. Over 100 members generously donated to our June fundraiser request, which raised $1680.  We just started a second fundraiser, which so far has netted $383. However, the Executive Board is now exploring whether it's time to raise Chapter dues. Before we do that, we'd like to hear more from our members. What would you prefer?
SURVEY: Please rank the following 3 options as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice, to reflect your preferences:

  1. Retain $8 Chapter dues, and hold 2-4 fundraisers/year to cover anticipated shortfall of $1000-$2000 (for newsletter expenses, plus all operating expenses).
  2. Raise Chapter dues to $10/year (17 cents/month), which leaves us with $105 to pay other expenses, if membership remains constant, but would still necessitate holding fundraisers.
  3. Raise Chapter dues to $12/year (33 cents/month), which leaves us with $1195 to pay other expenses (such as insurance, mailings, meetings, and website), and provides a small cushion.

Please send your response and comments to Martha Raup via email (, by mail (179 Chilton Ave, San Francisco CA 94131) or by phone (415-334-6380).

Comparison of 3 income options and their financial impact on newsletter expenses



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