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Dues Survey Results

Final Dues Increase Survey Results: As reported in the December newsletter we conducted a dues-increase survey and had 53 members respond. Of these, 46 prefer a $4 increase (to $12/year), 5 prefer a $2 increase (to $10), and 2 prefer no dues increase. Therefore, a formal vote to increase Chapter 65 dues to $12/year will come before the membership at our next meeting, February 17, at 1pm at 90-7th Street in San Francisco. Please join us if you would like to discuss it before the voting.

Many asked how the dues process works. For those who have dues withheld from their OPM pension, any dues increase will begin after National authorizes the change – within a month or two. For those who pay NARFE dues directly, the increase will not begin until your individual membership renewal date. The Officers continue to explore the many suggestions members made during the dues survey, and will continue to provide quality information and consistent service for our membership. This includes a monthly printed/mailed newsletter (posted online at, and monthly membership meetings, luncheons, or events. Thanks again for your active participation in NARFE Chapter 65!

December Newsletter Report: Many thanks to the 46 members who responded to the survey published in our December 2015 newsletter (34 by email; 6 by mail; 6 by phone). As explained, the cost of mailing monthly newsletters exceeds the income received via Chapter dues. The majority response (41 of 46) was overwhelmingly in favor or increasing our Chapter dues to $12, while 5 preferred an increase to $10. A typical comment was this: "I think that we get more than $12/year of worthwhile information from the monthly newsletter. Doubt if the $4 yearly increase will be a problem for anyone. Keep up the good work." Other comments: "$12 seems necessary under the circumstances." "It is not unreasonable to increase dues to keep up with rising postage rates." "If a $4.00 increase provides a cushion this is preferable to a shortfall." "I would not object to your raising the yearly dues to $20 or $25. You all do a lot of good for your members." "Thank you for consulting with us." The biggest surprise came from Ralph Hockley: "I believe that $8 was the amount of dues when I was President of Chapter 65 in 1982/1983." That's over 30 years ago!

The Executive Board will discuss the finances at our January 10:30 am meeting on the 20th. As always, all members are welcome. Any further comments or votes can be sent to Martha Raup (; 179 Chilton Ave, SF, 94131; 415-334-6380).

And don't forget webmaster Dianne posts the newsletter online each month, and maintains an archive of back issues:

Respectfully submitted, Martha Raup, 1st VP


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