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2014 Survey

Newsletter Survey

SURVEY ON FUTURE OF CHAPTER 65 NEWSLETTER AND OTHER COMMUNICATIONS: After more than 15 years as our able and dedicated Chapter 65 newsletter editor, Herman Bracey is resigning with the June 2014 issue. We appreciate his service and the opportunity to consider other communications with members especially given greater use of social media. Please complete this short survey of 3 questions and return by email or postal mail to Martha Raup, 179 Chilton Ave. SF, CA 94131 or by March 15.

  1. The monthly newsletter, sent to over 600 members, is the chapter's largest expense. Preparing each edition takes a minimum of 4 - 6 hours each month. Are you willing to be the editor for a paper version?
  2. Do you have on-line access to read on-line versions? Would you prefer on-line newsletters?
  3. Would you prefer a hard copy mailed to you?
Based on responses, Executive Committee will decide on chapter communications after the June 2014 issue.

Newsletter Survey Results

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thank you for your participation.


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