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Service Officer's Report


MARCH: Designation of Beneficiary: It'll soon be spring and a perfect time to be sure your Designation of Beneficiary forms are up-to-date and current. If you need new forms or more information, click on or copy and paste this address into your web browser: Or, you can contact Chapter 65 Service Officer Pauline Jue at 415/584-8141.

FEBRUARY: No new report for this month.

JANUARY: No new report for this month.

Important Numbers to keep by your phone:

OPM: 1-888-767-6738 (Administrative Problems)
NARFE: 1-800-456-8410 (Membership Problems)
1-800-772-1213 (Life Cycle Problems )
LTC: 1-800 582-3337 (For Applications and Information Kits)
OPM Toll Number:

REMEMBER! Never give out any personal information over the telephone or the internet unless you initiate the contact.

 Pauline Jue
  Service Officer
  Ph: 415-584-8141

Service Officers 2014 Newsletter and Topic Directory
SOS 2014 Newsletter put out by Mary Venerable and the Directory of Topics as of November 2014 are available here for viewing. These can also be found on the CSFC Website.

Archived reports are available for viewing.








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