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Secretary's Report

APRIL 2017


 Minutes of Chapter 65 Executive Board meeting of April 19, 2017
            Present:  Jerry, Leslie, Juanita, Roz, Jane, Mike

  1. By Laws (Chapter 65)
    We didn't vote on the changes planned as National NARFE needed to review them. However, we had already made the changes that were appropriate, so, if we have a quorum at the meeting (12 members) we can vote on the changes today. Our By-Laws committee has greatly reduced the complexity of our chapter by-laws.
  2. Convention information (resolutions and officers) - Reno, May 1-3, 2017
    Delegates will be voting on officers: Federation President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. We discussed the candidates, and gave our opinions. Jerry will be able to split the votes at the convention. It isn't certain at this time if Martha and Dianne and Jon will be going. We also discussed the proposed Convention By-Laws changes. None of the changes were favored by the Executive Board members attending.
  3. Meeting of Legislative and Membership groups, GSA at 450 Golden Gate
    (Juanita reporting: Recruiters have been:  Juanita, Roz, Joe, Jon, Mike, Jerry) FEHB and Medicare in Retirement to be at 450 Golden Gate on Thursday, from 11am to 12:30). Mike and Jerry will go on June 15. Roz needs help on September 14; Jerry, Mike and Juanita will go on December 14. We need more people on these teams. Please volunteer! A Pre-retirement seminar is planned at the VA on November 9.  Mike, Roz, and Juanita plan to go. Leslie will contact Gail Casteneda (FEB) to see if they would sponsor us at 450 Golden Gate for a one-day membership recruitment drive. We'd prefer to have a lobby table but this may not be possible. Since IRS is a large tenant in the building they might be able to provide some space. Roz and Juanita will follow up on a GSA/IRS contact. Time and day to be decided. -- July will be a possibility for a membership drive, as well, and Mike and Jerry are coordinating this for the lobby of 90 7th street. Still in the works: the November health fairs.
  4. City Hall tour: June 21st
    Helen is coordinating this, and information is in the April newsletter. Please be sure to send your $2 and make a reservation per the info in the newsletter!
  5. Program
    Jon is trying to set up a meeting or program or visit to Feinstein or Harris. He'll try for July to obtain a speaker/staffer from their offices. Roz thought she might be able to get a Coast Guard contact for a speaker. Leslie will contact Gail (FEB) to see if they have a Cost Guard contact. Still to be determined is the World War II Cargo Ship restoration speaker. If this does not work out, we'll need to find another substitute for the Nov. program. Jane will follow up with Ann Lindsay on the October meeting. Jerry requested suggestions for restaurants for our lunch programs.
  6. Reports:
    None at this meeting
  7. Other business:

    Respectfully Submitted
  Jane Ramos, Secretary

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