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Secretary's Report

MAY 2017

Minutes of Executive Board meeting, May 17, 2017 - Attending: Jerry, Martha, Dianne, Jane, Mike, Shamus, Frank and Juanita

1. By-Laws (last month we had an insufficient quorum to vote on the amendments.)
There were just 10 at the last meeting, and we would need 12. A vote may be taken in September. We may decide to broaden the voting process, possibly by email, or newsletter/letter. Also, the vote may be taken at the September luncheon. Joe could put this announcement in the newsletter.

2. Convention Report (Reno - May 1,2,3.) Summaries are available on-line.
Juanita noted a major convention theme was that, despite continuing closings of chapters nationally, a great deal of discussion still focused on keeping chapters. She and Jerry spoke with an officer of the National Federation of Federal Employees about networking and collaboration on mutual issues. Discussion followed on how to proceed as a Chapter. One suggestion was to offer life insurance so that we could advertise or pay for a small ad in other organization's newsletters.
Jerry attended the San Mateo Chapter meeting. He said that with regard to the District, we need a meeting of the legislative committee persons in each district chapter, as we need to be more politically active. He also mentioned that Yogi Riley has agency access to the Postal service as she worked there and gives them pre-retirement seminars. This is very useful for recruitment.
Mike mentioned that the webinars provided by NARFE were highly praised at the Convention. And Jerry said he received several compliments for our chapter website, which is easily viewed on mobile devices.

3. Membership and Legislation
Jerry said that we need to develop a schedule for recruitment.
Regarding legislation, we will put an emphasis on emailing our representatives. Dianne will try to get a link to this on the website so that we can easily send emails to our reps.
Juanita said that the San Leandro chapter wants to get together for a meeting on legislation, or in other words, join forces with them to visit our representatives, esp. Jackie Spier. If Jon and Jerry are unable to get a Congressional speaker for July, she suggested showing Molly Checksfiels' NARFE Grassroots convention presentation.

4. City Hall Tour
A reminder of this tour on Wednesday, June 21. Helen has organized this 45-60 minute tour starting at 1:00 pm. Jerry can forward your $2 fee to Helen if you pay today. Otherwise, send your reservation to her with fee. Information is in the May newsletter.

5. Program
Schedule has been updated by Leslie.

6. Reports
Mike will prepare a new recruitment letter for people to send to co-workers or other possible new members who they know.
Dianne reported that as of today, there is $2,057.27 in the Chapter account. She paid $100 to renew the yearly liability insurance policy, paid bill for the monthly newsletter, and $119.48 to renew our web hosting site
Frank reported that for March the Chapter contributed $53 to the Alzheimer's Association. This money was collected at the spring luncheon.

    Respectfully Submitted
  Jane Ramos, Secretary

Archived reports are available for viewing.


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