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President's Report

MARCH 2018

NARFE Chapter Volunteers: In the year-end summary of all the member contributions to your chapter I somehow left out one of the most significant contributors to making our chapter a success. Dianne Joseph has and continues to keep us financially sound as our Treasurer. She does an outstanding job of ensuring that your money is spent appropriately and frugally. Additionally, Dianne regularly puts up items on our website to keep members informed and aware of information and events. Chapter 65 is especially fortunate to have Dianne as a constantly contributing and supportive leader and member.

Contact Congressional Representatives/Senators: Please consider going to the Legislative Hot Line on the NARFE National website. There are some new letters you can send or email to your representatives. The 2019 budget proposed by the White House suggests millions of dollars of reductions for federal workers. Proposals such as no COLA for retirees, pay freezes for all active workers, reduction in the rate paid by the TSP G fund, raising active workers' contributions to their FERS retirement with no increase in their benefit are part of this 2019 budget proposal. You can also call your representatives using the NARFE toll free number 866-220-0044. The chapter is planning to have an area representative from one of the Congressional or Senatorial offices from the area at our June meeting this year. We will update you when we have more information.

Voting on National Bylaws and Resolutions: The national bylaws and resolutions can now be found on our website. This large document contains all the resolutions and the positions taken by the National Bylaw Committee in regards to them. You will be asked to vote on these and the national candidates for office between May 10th and June 30th. Voting can be done online or by submitting the paper ballot that will come in your national magazine. The resolutions booklet is quite large when printed, 184 pages. If you want a paper copy mailed to you, call the National Headquarters at 703-838-7760. We hope to have a District meeting for members in May where the voting and the issues and candidates can be discussed. Details to follow.
            The Dates for all of this to occur are outlined here:
            February 2018: The Bylaws and Resolutions Final Report
            March 2018: The Candidate Statements are published in the NARFE magazine
            April 2018: The Bylaws and Resolutions Report is published in the NARFE magazine
            May 10, 2018: The online voting site goes live
            June 2018: Paper Ballot with candidates & resolutions published in NARFE magazine
            June 30, 2018: All voting ends

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Scam: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is warning taxpayers of a quickly growing scam involving erroneous tax refunds being deposited into their bank accounts. In one version of the scam, criminals posing as debt collection agency officials acting on behalf of the IRS contacted the taxpayers to say a refund was deposited in error, and they asked the taxpayers to forward the money to their collection agency. In another version, the taxpayer who received the erroneous refund gets an automated call that threatens the taxpayer with criminal fraud charges, an arrest warrant and a "blacklisting" of their Social Security Number. Just hang up – don't become a victim to either of these scenarios.

Jerry Hall
President, Chapter 65
Ph: 415-412-0488

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