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President's Report

April 2007


As planned, we met with Speaker Nancy Pelosi's aides at the Federal Building on Golden Gate on March 1st. A group of eight of us talked with Nicole Rivera, Field Representative/Caseworker and Mejgan Ali Afshan, Staff Assistant. Even though they were unable to assure us that Speaker Pelosi would cosponsor H.R. 82 and H.R. 1110, we felt that we got a fair hearing. NARFE's position is that receiving a federal retirement annuity should not affect the social security benefits to which he/she would be otherwise entitled. The GPO hits widows unfairly hard, and the 'W' in WEP can hardly be described as a "windfall."

Both Nicole and Mejgan were very knowledgeable and receptive to our views. We felt that we established a good solid relationship that will give us an opportunity to present more ideas and, in the future, obtain support for NARFE. Many thanks to Herman Bracey, DorisMarie Hagopian, Beatrice Bertwell, Dave Garcia, Fran Chan, Martha Raup, and Jesse Ramos for taking the morning to visit the Speaker's office!! [NOTE: Click here to see photos of the visit.]

The new Federal Building at Mission and 7th has its first occupants! We're definitely hoping that some of the federal employees there will stop by for a visit to pick up NARFE materials during our social hour. You may have noticed that there have been quite a few articles in the papers about the style of the building. It's a unique design which includes "green" components, making it very energy efficient.

Chapter 65 needs volunteers to be on hand to greet potential members from the new federal building. If you like to meet people, here's your opportunity to practice your salesmanship skills. And please bring along some old copies of the NARFE magazine to distribute, perhaps in our meeting room or outside on the sidewalk to passing "Feds." We need your help. Guests are always welcome!
    Jane Ramos

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