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OCTOBER: - If you missed the September 26 legislative webinar titled "Successful Advocacy: When, Why and How to Follow Up," it's not too late! Legislative webinars are stored online and available to NARFE members on demand at

SEPTEMBER: - No new report this month.

AUGUST: - The 2017 National Executive Board/Federation Presidents Board Meeting Reports are now online: (must be logged in as a member).

JULY: - Sign up for the next NARFE National Benefits webinar on July 27 - Survivor Benefits: Key Decisions at Have you missed the legislative webinars? You can find them at: And don't forget to follow us at:

JUNE: - Upcoming June webinars include "Should I Go or Should I Stay?" on June 22 with Tammy Flanagan, and "Creating a Second Career" on June 29 with Alan A. Malinchak. Both are broadcast at 2 pm EDT, and will thereafter be available on demand. Register or view webinars at The CSFCNARFE convention presentation "Membership - Recruitment and Retention" by President Jerry Hall is available on our NARFE Chapter 65 website.

MAY: - The Configuration Advisory Board (CAB) has recently updated many of the videos on their YouTube channel. Go to and search for NARFE CAB. Here you will learn how to access and use the OAM (Online Activities Module).

APRIL: - The next legislative webinar titled "What the Budget Process Means for Federal Employees and Retirees" will be on April 4th at 11:00 am PDT. You can find this and other legislative webinars at:, once you sign in.

MARCH: - NARFE WEBINARS: Have you seen any of the NARFE Webinars? If not, you might want to watch the YouTube video created for the January Chapter 65 presentation called "Exploring NARFE Webinars". Two companion videos show the process of "Signing In to NARFE Webinars (for Members)" and "Signing Up for NARFE Webinars (for Non-Members)". Other videos are also available, so check out the Chapter 65 YouTube Channel!

Martha Raup
NARFE NET Coordinator

Archived reports are available for viewing.


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