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Dues Withholding Information

What is Dues Withholding?

Most NARFE members are "annual" members who, upon receiving an annual dues invoice, write a check to renew their membership for another year. It's the way many of us pay for most things - one check, every month or every year. But, if you are a retired NARFE member, there is another, better way to pay national and chapter dues, without having to remember the annual dues obligation. It's called DUES WITHHOLDING. It is a simple program that requires nothing more than completing the application form found in your NARFE magazine. Or, you can CLICK HERE for the Dues Withholding Form in pdf format which you can print. Then, fill in the information and mail it to the address as indicated. Your cost is an envelope and a stamp; your savings is $6 per year!

When you sign up for dues withholding, you authorize an amount equal to 1/12 of your national plus chapter dues to be withheld from your annuity payment each month. For example, your Chapter 65 annual dues are $12 and national dues (on dues withholding) are $34, a $6 reduction from the regular national dues of $40. The Office of Personnel Management will withhold $3.83 a month from your payment. That's all there is to it.

Members should realize that their participation in this program helps NARFE as well. Members who choose dues withholding, save their association tens of thousands of dollars a year in mailing and dues processing costs. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement; members spread the cost of NARFE membership over 12 months through small payments and NARFE slashes the cost of membership administration, thereby freeing monies up for other programs. Members can always cancel out of dues withholding, at any time, for any reason.

(this information was taken from the NARFE national web site and adapted for use here)

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