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Membership Report

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MARCH 2018

We welcome Bradley Akey, Eugene Chen, Tom Huetteman, Rolene Walker, Nancy Woo and Peter P. Sander to our Chapter.


Mike Crahan
Membership Chair

Remember....RECRUITING is everyone's job!!

Archived reports are available for viewing.

NARFE DUES: Currently National Dues are $40.00 and Chapter 65 Dues are $12.00 annually. When you receive your DUES RENEWAL NOTICE, mail it, along with your check for the full $52.00, to: NARFE, Membership Services, 606 Washington St, Alexandria, Va. 22314-1914. BETTER YET, you can sign up for Dues Withholding and save $6.00/year!

WHAT IS DUES WITHOLDING?: If you are a retired member of NARFE you can pay your association dues through Dues Withholding. With Dues Withholding your yearly dues (national and chapter) are taken monthly from your annuity. It is easy to enroll and by doing so you not only avoid receiving yearly renewal notices but you also receive a discount on your national dues. For example, currently national dues are $40.00 yearly and Chapter 65 dues are $12.00 for a total of $52.00 yearly. If you sign up for Dues Withholding you receive a $6.00 discount on your national dues ($34.00 + $12.00 chapter = $46.00). Your monthly annuity is only reduced $3.83 and you never have to worry about staying current with your NARFE membership. A "NARFE Dues Withholding Application For Retirees" can usually be found on the back page of the monthly NARFE magazine or GET A COPY HERE. Complete it and mail it today. Remember, if for any reason you find you do not want to continue your automatic withholding, it is as easy as sending NARFE written notification of your desire.

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