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Alzheimer's Reports

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Every month these reports will share the latest information about NARFE Chapter 65's contributions to Alzheimer's, about the status of research, and information about the disease. Like most Americans, we hope the mysteries of this disease will soon be uncovered; in the meanwhile, we hope the families facing the challenges of living with Alzheimer's will find sustenance and relief through the monies contributed by organizations such as ours, and supportive people such as you.    Web Editor

Your contribution is used solely to support Alzheimer's research. Please make your check payable to "NARFE-Alzheimer's Research". To insure that your contribution is correctly acknowledged as coming from a NARFE Chapter 65 member, write "NARFE-Chapter 65" in the memo section of your check. Mail your contributions to me at  1237 Filbert Street, San Francisco, CA 94109-1713; I'll then forward you donations to the Alzheimer's Association.
Frank Morelli


Archived reports are available for viewing.

Find Out More!

Here are some helpful links to the Alzheimer's Association web sites, telling about the National Organization , a link to  Northern California information and an interactive tour showing how  Alzheimer's affects the brain.

A Book and Website Worth Checking Out!

Take a look at this book, Riding the Elephant: An Alzheimer's Journey, written by Diane Porter Goff, who had to deal with tragedy of Alzheimer's. This memoir traces the steps of two sisters and their families as they accompany their mother into the uncharted territory of dementia.








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