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Alzheimer's Reports


MARCH: To date, a total of $200 has been collected for the Alzheimer's fund. We received a letter from the Association thanking the NARFE chapter 65 for the $47 sent to the research program.

FEBRUARY: No new report for this month.

JANUARY: At our Holiday Luncheon on December 13, we collected a total of $47.00 for Alzheimer's research. "Thank You" to all who contributed. Remember, donations for Alzheimer's Research can be made anytime by completing the coupon in the NARFE Monthly Magazine or by sending a check payable to NARFE-Alzheimer's Research, (with Chapter 065 noted on the check) to Frank Morelli, 1237 Filbert St, San Francisco CA 94109-1713.

Frank Morelli, Alzheimer's Chair
1237 Filbert Street
San Francisco, CA 94109-1713
ph: (415) 563-8361

Archived reports are available for viewing.

Find Out More!

Here are some helpful links to the Alzheimer's Association web sites, telling about the National Organization , a link to Northern California information and an interactive tour showing how Alzheimer's affects the brain.








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