NARFE District V Meeting - March 16, 2007

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Herman Bracey and Forney Lundy
Herman and Forney
Dianne Joseph and Herman Bracey
Dianne and Herman
Martha Raup
Bea Bertwell and Herman Bracey
Bea and Herman
Beatrice Bertwell, Martha Raup and Herman Bracey
Bea, Martha and Herman
Fran Chan, Jesse Ramos and Jane Ramos
Fran, Jesse and Jane
Fran Chan, Jane Ramos and Polly Stonich
Fran, Jane and Polly
Polly Stonich, H. Ray Harrington, Kay Lundy and Judy Lynn
Polly, H. Ray, Kay and Judy
Herman Bracey, Don Ross and Jane Ramos
Herman, Don and Jane
Herman Bracey and H. Ray Harrington
Herman and H. Ray
Jesse and Jane Ramos
Jesse and Jane
Chapter 65 Members
Jane, Jesse, Herman, Martha,
Dianne, David and Fran