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Fairness for Retirees:   (Contra Costa Times Editorial posted: 11/16/2007)

MANY PEOPLE WHO worked for both the government and the private sector are in for an ugly surprise when they retire. They won't be getting most of the Social Security benefits they earned, thanks to two onerous pieces of legislation that need to be repealed... (read the entire article)

New OPM Web Site!

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has posted a new Web site which includes information on FEHBP, FEGLI, and civil service retirement. It also includes a section on retirement planning, tools to calculate federal income taxes, a menu of publications for downloading and printing, and links to other federal agencies, as well as to the NARFE Web site....(go to new OPM Web site)

Tower's Premiere: Futuristic Federal Building wins fans, foes among workers with its innovative features    (SF Chronicle, 7/8/07)

When Nancy Pelosi and other dignitaries gather Monday to dedicate San Francisco's Federal Building, the grand opening will be old news to people like Janis Olvarado and Anita Yeung.
They've been working in the futuristic tower with its steel mesh sheath since March. They've dealt with eccentric temperature swings and unexpected glare. They've become acquainted with a neighborhood where there are more shopping carts than shops.
By now it's starting to feel like home... (read the entire article)

New SF Federal Building is Architectural Hit!    ( NY Times, 3/2/07)

It’s a good time to be Thom Mayne. A founder of the Los Angeles-based firm Morphosis, he has evolved from brash outsider into one of the country’s most celebrated architects in less than a decade by infusing his industrial-machine aesthetic with a slyly idiosyncratic sensibility. And he pulled that off while taking on an improbable mix of clients, including public school administrators and government bureaucrats.
His recently completed Federal Building in San Francisco is his most powerful government work..." (read the entire article)

Steep Kaiser Increase Hits Federal Retirees    ( San Francisco Chronicle, 3/2/07)

When Helen Zajac's health insurance premiums increased more than 50 percent this year, the retired federal employee had to cut back the benefits she and her husband receive through Kaiser Permanente. "We're gambling we're going to stay healthy, " said the Vallejo resident, 59, who worked at Mare Island Naval Shipyard and now serves as state president of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association. ......" (read the entire article)


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