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Interested in What NARFE Has to Offer?

The poster on the left shows leaflets and photos of NARFE activities and members.These give you information about NARFE, about the issues we fight for, and about the resources we provide for all federal employees.

As always, the best way to find out what we're all about is to come to our meetings!

Remember….RECRUITING is everyone’s job!!

NARFE DUES: National Dues are $40.00/year. Chapter 65 Dues are $12.00. Mail check for the full $52.00, along with your DUES RENEWAL NOTICE, when you receive it, to NARFE, Membership Services, 606 Washington St, Alexandria, Va. 22314-1914. Better yet, sign up for Dues Withholding and save $6.00/year!


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the NARFE National Web Site (, and
the Membership Application page on the NARFE National Website.

Just follow the instructions to become a member of NARFE today!


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