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Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco

Welcome to San Francisco NARFE Chapter 65!

Chapter 65 invites you to join the National Active and Retired Federal Employees, in association since 1921. We meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 1:00pm in the New Federal Building at 90-7th Street, lower level Rm B-120 (unless otherwise specified), in San Francisco (Civic Center BART station). A Photo ID is REQUIRED to enter the building.

If you'd like to join NARFE, we'd love to see you at our meetings. Visit us at 90-7th St. in San Francisco CA, and online at You can also check our monthly  CALENDAR and our program schedule for important dates.

What's New? Click the link to see current (and past) EVENTS and ISSUES of INTEREST

*******Annual Credit Report Request Form*******

2nd Annual Pier-to-Pier Walk: Saturday, August 29, 2015, from 9 -11 am.

Medicare is turning 50! - This information was provided by Peter Bauer at CMS and gives a brief history of Medicare.

NARFE has long been one of the largest organizations for feds. Now it's trying to be one of the most visible, too. President, Richard G. Thissen, is using that increased visibility to fight what is developing as one of the most significant challenges to NARFE's members in recent years.

Strategic Planning Committee
Helen L. Zajac, Region VIII Vice President's report on the Strategic Planning Committee and Strategic Planning Process

NEB Report for November 2014
Helen L. Zajac, Region VIII Vice President's report of the National Executive Board Meeting, November 11-13, 2014 at NARFE Headquarters, Alexandria, VA

Service Officers 2014 Newsletter and Topic Directory
SOS 2014 Newsletter put out by Mary Venerable and the Directory of Topics as of November 2014 are available here for viewing. These can also be found on the CSFC Website.

NARFE Legislative Action Center Has Updates on Key Pieces of Legislation and is regularly updated to highlight the bills we are watching this Congress. Click the "Issues and Legislation" tab then choose "Current Legislation" to see bills that NARFE supports as well as those we oppose.


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