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EVENTS - 2010

Aug 29 thru Sept 2, 2010 - 31st Biennial NARFE National Convention in Grand Rapids, MI

New Officers Elected to National Posts
The delegates to the 31st Biennial NARFE National Convention have spoken, and the Association has four new national officers for the next two years. The election results were announced by Ballot &Teller Committee Chairman Jimmy Coleman of Georgia, and the winners were declared officially by National President Margaret L. Baptiste.
Joseph A. Beaudoin of Winchester, VA, was elected National President with a vote of 4,472 (74%).
Paul H. Carew of Pittsboro, NC, was elected National Vice President with a vote of 3,109 votes (51%).
Elaine Hughes, Asheville, NC, was elected National Secretary garnering 3,163 votes (52%).
Charles W. Saylor, Towson, MD, was elected National Treasurer and won with 3,132 votes (52%t).

May 4, 2010 - CSFC Symposiums scheduled for May in Central and Northern California

Two Symposiums are planned in May for NARFE members living in the central and northern regions of California. The symposiums are for ALL members of NARFE. This will be timely training for new members, officers and committee chairs and will refresh those who are experienced.
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