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California State Federation Convention 2007


by Frances Chan (edited for web)

The 2007 California State Federation Convention May 17-20

H. Ray Harrington was elected as the new CSFC board President and Judy Lynn was voted in as our district VP (her second term).

Besides voting for & confirming the new board we also covered the following issues:

Thoughts were given to chapters having difficulties with holding active participation; losing sight of the value of the chapter; suggestions were given and assurance the district will do everything to help chapters to continue, urging us to seek help where needed.

Judy Parks reported on the status of the bills that are important us, emphasizing that we have not lost any of our benefits and that we must continue to protect them. We must be constant on our being visible to our congress people, either by mail or in person; don’t let them forget us, or the seriousness of our requests.

In holding the next CSFC, it was noted some reluctance for chapter to host it; the next convention will be held in Concord instead of Reno. It was an overwhelming vote in spite of the attraction and closeness of Reno. We all will do our best to support the membership hosting it.

We reviewed the highlights of elder healthcare, re-emphasizing the need for us to lookout for the many stresses we are likely to have.

It’s our responsibility to inform our members, especially our new ones, what being a delegate means, how it connects and charges some enthusiasm that we sometimes lose, by the “been there, done that” attitude. If we cannot maintain some sort of a positive pose, the negativity will not attract members.

There was an award given to a member who made the top collection for NARFE and was advised that all donation checks should be made out to “NARFE/Alzheimer” so that proper chapter acknowledgements can be made.


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