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California State Federation Convention 2007

DAY 2 - SATURDAY - MAY 19, 2007

(The following email was sent by NARFENET coordinator Carl Bailey to all California chapters...)

The convention was called to order at 9:03 AM by Helen Zajac, CSFC President by introducing a Moment of Silent Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance by Josephine Murphy, Oceanside Chapter 706, and CSFC Past President. Singing of America the Beautiful was led by Fil Fong, Mt. Diablo Chapter 531 and accompanied by Mildred Fong on piano.

Helen Zajac, CSFC President, announced colors were not brought forward because there is a Marine rule that if there is already a flag present, which was the case, they cannot.

Helen introduced Judy Park, attending the CSFC convention for the 24th time.

Credentials Committee Report (Second Report) was given by Vivian Nathanson, Chair.
247 delegates registered
26 delegates at large
4 alternate delegates
3 national officers
12 visitors/guests
-6 delegates at large serving as chapter delegates
60 of 96 chapters represented by delegates
26 chapters represented by proxy
14 members of Executive Board
11 Past Presidents
1,040 potential votes present

Don Ross, Chair, gave the Constitution & Bylaws Committee Report

CBL-01, revise submittal of resolutions, combined with similar resolution CBL-04. Recommended combined resolution be approved. Amendment to CBL-01 approved. Then a vote on the amended CBL-01 was taken, and adopted as approved.

CBL-02, written reports of officers, recommended rejection of resolution. A vote on the was taken, and CBL-02 was rejected.

CBL-03, require resolutions must be submitted 75 days before convention. Committee recommended rejection, vote was taken, and CBL-03 was rejected.

CBL-04 was voted on as required by rule 15, even though its content was combined with CBL-01. After much discussion, an amendment was submitted and defeated. As it was almost 10:30, the chair deferred further discussion in order that the guest speaker could make her presentation. After the presentation by Doctor Yerasi, a vote was taken to amend CBL-04 to take precedence over CBL-01. Amendment defeated. Vote taken on resolution itself. CBL-04 was not adopted. After the presentation by Judy Park (further down) Don Ross returned to announce that CBL-05, to change district boundaries, was withdrawn, concluding this topic.

Dr. Priya Yerasi, MD, Kaiser Permanente on Nutrition and Wellness gave a presentation, “Forget about Die-t, Think about Live-it!”

65 is now “Young Old”, “Medium Old”, etc. metabolism slows, you lose muscle, gain weight. Arteries lose elasticity. Things can be done.
Atherosclerosis, clogging of arteries, caused by LDL cholesterol, smoking, high blood -pressure, male gender, age. Strokes and heart attack can occur. – watch diet Osteoporosis, porous (weak) bones – have vitamin D and calcium Cancer, caused by toxins like smoking, excess alcohol, hormones, genetics, and germs – have mammograms, colonoscopies.
Diabetes – adult onset, fat makes you resistant to bodies insulin, can be controlled.
Summary, have fun, watch diet, watch diet.

Restrict calories, read labels, avoid excess salt, avoid high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats.
Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates

Fats: good – omega 3 fatty acids; bad – trans fats (not natural) Olive, canola, peanut oils good, butter, lard, animal fats Fish is good, too much has mercury and PCBs. Wild fish better than farmed.

Protein, build muscle, help healing, from animal and plant sources.

Carbohydrates, ready source of energy, break down into sugars. More complex, better. Better in vegetable and fruit form because fiber delays absorption.

Good: brown rice, whole wheat pasta, corn tortillas
Bad: pasta, white rice, white bread.

Vitamins – think colored food!
Can overdose on A,D,E,K
D important for bone health and mood
One good multivitamin a day enough

Salt – too much already in processed foods, soy sauce, ham, sausage, bacon.
DASH diet – rich in veggies, potassium
Flavor with herbs, spices, garlic, onions, peppermint, lemon, (moderate) dark chocolate, red wines

Food pyramid for older persons – lots of liquid on the bottom, then good grains and cereals, then bright colored vegetables, the dairy products, and at the narrow top, saturated and trans-fat, sugar, and salt

Barriers to better eating
Impaired taste, dental problems, depression, social isolation, economics, lack of knowledge

Better to eat “low on the food chain”. Happy Eating! Bon appetit!

The presentation was well received, with numerous comments and questions.

Recessed at 11:52 until 2:10 PM

At 12:30 PM a Recognition Luncheon honoring Federation Past Presidents & Spouses/Guests was held. Ken Boffin, CSFC Immediate Past President, was Master of Ceremonies. Entertainment was by Lanny Henry Plus One

At 2:17 PM Helen Zajac, CSFC President, called the convention to order. Ken Boffin was recognized with a certificate

The 2009 Convention Site Committee Report was given by Lea Zajac, 2007 Convention Host Committee Chair. Requests for bids were sent to numerous hotels in Northern California and Nevada. Most were between $109 and $189. Candidates are Nugget in Sparks NV for $101 plus tax and resort fees = $120, and Hilton in Concord CA for $107 plus tax = $118. Lea read an invitation letter from the Nugget. Nancy Brown of the Hilton Concord made a presentation.

Judy Park, NARFE National Legislation Director, reported on National Legislation, for the 24th time. NARFE’s primary mission is Legislation. Some think that membership may be lagging because of lack of legislative success, but that’s not true. NARFE has been successful; no benefits have been lost in the last 10 years due to NARFE. Both parties have proposed reducing benefits, but we have staved off all attempts at benefit reductions. There is a new majority congress. Reality is that this new congress has to deal with the same realities as previous one, some national needs have priority, and they have to deal with certain policies. Must adhere to legislative processes. Have to have agreement on budgets. Then appropriations process must be adhered to. House, Senate, White House must agree, or politics come into play. The 110th congress is a congress of sound bites due to next year’s presidential election. May find public tired of such early politics.

New majority has adopted a policy of “Pay-Go”. To add a program that costs, another program must save that amount.

HR82/S206 introduced to repeal GPO/WEP. Probably won’t pass as written, but must be introduced to keep the issues in focus, and to be vehicles that could be amended to achieve some success. Cost would be $67 billion to repeal. GPO impact mostly to women (401,000). WEP affects mostly men 600,000 +). Money would come from social security, but affect a relatively small number. Relief must help more people for less money. People are looking for ways to bring relief for less money. Teachers and state workers also working on this.

Premium Conversion – pay health insurance out of pretax dollars. Current employees have the benefit, may not know they have it. Would benefit retirees by $500 - $800. NARFE only ones asked to testify on this to Senate committee hearing on FEHB cost matters, in particular, OPM’s decision to not apply for billion dollar subsidy. Sen. Warner attended, is a good friend. One problem is that bill is specific to federal employees. Might get rolled into a bigger tax bill.

Highest issue now will be holding onto current benefits. Those in private sector have lost lots in benefits and pensions as companies cut costs. Private sector has “pension envy”, may pressure congress to reduce their (and our) benefits. Must bring more into the fold to help us.

We need strong voice and visibility – NARFEPAC is critical. It allows us to help friendly members and let them know we are serious players.

Legislative lobby month will be in June and July NARFE magazines will have info.

Helen Zajac announced Bylaw Revision Committee to look at bylaws to find ways to streamline them, and will provide info to chapters before the next convention.

Nominations: the parliamentarian Rolland Hamilton read the applicable bylaws.

Delphine Tobias, Chair, gave the Nominating Committee Report.
President: H. Ray Harrington
Executive VP: Andy Morgan
Secretary: Vivian Nathanson
Treasurer: Warner Gumpert

District VPs nominations read too fast, results will be announced tomorrow.
Past President Richard Millington gave a nomination speech extolling H. Ray Harrington’s abilities with CSFC and career in the Post Office.

Past President Don Ross seconded and said nice words about H. R. Harrington’s communication skills and leadership qualities.

No nominations from the floor. Motions made to elect the slate of officers; motion passed. New officers made acceptance speeches.

Joanna Selby, Chair, gave the State Legislation Committee Report. Proposed legislation to help handicapped, bill passed, converted to executive order by governor. Had other legislative successes. Found out and disseminated info on how to delete personal information from SB840, universal health care, was vetoed, will watch. SB535 will make access to nursing home information; recommend convention give her support so she can lobby. Motion made, approved. Answered a question about tax exemption similar to Oklahoma – she’s working on it.

Pat Kyger, CSFC Alzheimer's Coordinator, Oceanside Chapter 706, gave the Alzheimer’s Report. For FY 2007, approximately $25,000 was contributed.

Carl Bailey, CA NARFE-Net Coordinator, Ventura County Chapter 190, gave the NARFE-Net Report. In summary, he sends emails at the direction of the federation. The GEMS database is used to obtain email addresses. His complete report is appended at the end of this daily report.

Werner Gumpert, CSFC Web Master, Mt. Diablo Chapter 0531, gave the NARFE Web Site Report. The web site is up and running well. It now has a search feature. It’s relatively cheap at $12 a month. If you have a suggestion for changes, let him know, and what the reasons are.

Helen Zajac, CSFC President, announced that Nevada as a convention site is authorized by the bylaws. She also read a note of congratulations from the banquet manager.

Elections for DVP, to be held in caucus rooms

Andy Morgen, Ways and Means Chair, conducted a 50/50 drawing.

Convention recessed until 9 AM Sunday May 20.


May 19, 2007

Carl Bailey
CSFC NARFE-Net Coordinator

I was appointed the CSFC NARFE-Net Coordinator in April 2004 and will continue to work at my duties at the pleasure of the Federation President. My assistant and backup is Tony Pizza, President of Chapter 190.

We send out mass e-mails at the direction of the CSFC President. For 2006 we sent out approximately 55 mass mails to the CSFC NARFE-Net members and around 20 so far for 2007. In order to receive e-mails from the Federation you have to be enrolled with Global Electronic Messaging System (GEMS) at NARFE National. We use the same database as National which I download monthly from the National web site. The April monthly download had 3912 unique e-mail addresses. If you’re not receiving e-mails and wish too, or don’t know if you’re signed up, see me and I’ll look it up and if you’re not signed up I’ll get you signed up.

The CSFC e-mails are sent out using software and server service provided by a friend of Tony’s. This is being done because our Internet Service Provider (ISP), as most ISP’s, doesn’t allow more than 100 e-mails at a time or more than 500 an hour to be sent. The software we use has no limits on the number of e-mails that are sent at one time and has made it a lot easier to send mass e-mails. Unfortunately, we are unable to send out attachments. If there is a requirement to send attachments, they will be posted on the Federations web site for download and you will be notified by e-mail of this. Thanks to Tony’s friend, we will continue to us his software and server for this very important task. Also, the price is right (free).

The April 2007 M114 for the Federation reflects 31,078 members. National only is 2693, National Life is 598 and there are 27,787 Chapter members. 4,035 of the Chapter members have e-mail addresses. That is only 15% of our members and I’m sure many more have e-mail addresses that they haven’t shared with National. E-mails sent out by National and CSFC are the fastest and cheapest means for distributing information. When an e-mail is sent out, approximately 25% of them bounce because of bad e-mail addresses. That’s why it is very important to update your e-mail address change on Nationals web site at or send me an e-mail and I’ll take care of it for you.

It seems that after each mass e-mail sent for the CSFC, there are members who request to stop receiving them. Personally, I do not understand why anyone would not want to receive the latest information pertaining to our earned benefits.

I urge all members that are not enrolled with GEMS to please do so. If you’re not enrolled in GEMS then you will not receive e-mails from NARFE National or the CSFC. The Federation uses the e-mail database from National for our mass e-mail database. If anyone needs help, just let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

I also maintain the F7 database. This database is used for the Chapter Directory printing and for the printing and bulk mailing for all the different mailings that the Federation does. This is why it is very important to submit the F7’s at the beginning of the year and when you have changes throughout the year.

I'm also signing up members for Dues Withholding. Sign up with me here at the Convention and you’ll get instant $10 cash from the Federation and I’ll take care of the paperwork. Currently only about 18% of our members are signed up for dues withholding.


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