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Annual District V Meeting

March 16, 2007

Eight members of Chapter 65 (Herman Bracey, Beatrice Bertwell, Dave Garcia, Fran Chan, Martha Raup, Dianne Joseph, Jane Ramos, and Jesse Ramos) found their way to the Three Flames Restaurant in San Jose for the Annual CSFC District V Luncheon on Friday March 16 sponsored by District V Vice President, Judy Lynn.

Our first speaker was Forney Lundy, Region VIII National Field Vice President who presented us with the latest available membership data: NARFE membership now stands at 341,814 of that total 21,144 are Current Federal Employees, and 59,000 are on Dues Withholding. In California, we have 31,647 members with 2,012 Current Federal Employees and 5,000 on Dues withholding. Thanks to OPM's semiannual mailings, we are doing a better in the recruiting area but overall membership is still declining though at a much slower rate. We must do a better job at retention.

H Ray Harrington, CSFC Vice President was our next speaker and he spoke on the Legislative Training Conference held on March 3-6 2007. CSFC President Helen Zajac, CSFC National Legislation Chair Lee Zajac, five other members, and H Ray made the trip from California. After two days of training, March 6, was lobby day and the delegation divided into two teams and headed to meet with our elected official. He said they actually hit the offices of all our congress members and actually talked with Rep Sam Farr and Rep Tom Lantos. We should contact Rep Lantos and thank him for being a cosponsor of H.R. 82 (repeals GPO/WEP) Also, we should contact Senator Dianne Feinstein and thank her for introducing S. 206 (repeals GPO/WEP) and thank Senator Barbara Boxer for being a cosponsor. A true assessment of our chances to get either of our legislative priorities passed is not very favorable, even with the change of parties in the congress, given the country's current unhealthy financial condition. Of the two priorities, it's thought Premium Conversion (H.R. 1110 & S. 773) has the best chance since Congress has adopted a revenue neutral position and is projected to cost $12 billion over ten years.









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